By Kirstie McDermott 

AI chatbots are big news in 2023 as their technology has become far more accessible––not to mention usable. ChatGPT is taking all the column inches right now, but it isn’t alone. Microsoft’s new Bing search and Google’s Bard offer alternatives, and Elon Musk is reported to be exploring the development of an alternative to ChatGPT also. 

As millions of internet users delve into chatbots’ capabilities, they are discovering how helpful they can be. ChatGPT offers an easy-to-use interface––ask it a question or give it a command, and it will create jokes, poems or even scripts, in seconds. 

The tool can also write code, explain complex topics in plain language, and solve math problems. When it comes to banking and finance, it offers a number of shortcuts too. As we’re now so used to chatbots answering queries, the obvious one is to integrate ChatGPT into banking customer service systems. 

But it can do more. ChatGPT can analyze customers’ spending habits, preferences and financial situations and recommend financial products for them. It can also help automate the underwriting process for documents like loans, all of which could be useful in your current role. 

If you are job-seeking, then it can also help you with your resume and cover letters for each and every job you apply for. Here’s how… 

1.  It can customize your resume 
It’s vital to create a custom resume for every job you apply for––but that can take a lot of time and research, as the purpose of doing this is to make sure you are including as many keywords from the job description as possible. 

With your current or master resume to hand, prompt ChatGPT to “personalize my resume for this (finance job title) role at (bank name)”. Paste in the job ad, plus your existing resume. The result is a custom resume you can use to apply for a specific position. 

2.  It can write cover letters 
Ask ChatGPT to “write a cover letter for a Financial Analyst job”, and you’ll get back a useful, well-structured template for your letter. All you’ll need to do is add your relevant personal details and experience, and hit send. 

3.  Ask it for some interview questions 
You can also use ChatGPT to get an idea of interview questions you may be asked for a specific role, which offers a shortcut for your interview prep. Additionally you can ask it to do keyword analysis on job descriptions, and get it to explain any technical topics you may not be totally familiar with. 

While it can’t automate your entire job search, it can help. If you want to put it to the test, here are three new jobs worth a look. Plus, find many more on the American Banker Job Board

Business Solutions Banker – Business Banking, JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., Columbus 
As a Business Solutions Banker you will be helping to improve the lives of clients by offering financial solutions, education and advice. You’ll manage a portfolio of business or not for profit clients and build relationships by proactively providing comprehensive business banking solutions tailored to the financial needs and circumstances of each. To apply, up to three years’ of experience in a business banking relationship management or portfolio management role or related business experience is required, as is a Bachelor’s degree in finance or related field, or equivalent work experience. Get the full job description here

Digital Scam and Money Mule Fraud Strategies Analysis – Cons Prod Strat Analyst III, Bank of America, Plano 
As a Client Protection Fraud Strategy Analyst, you will spend time analyzing difficult problems to effectively manage an evolving fraud attack environment, developing complex defenses designed to minimize the impact to good customers, while maximizing fraud loss avoidance. You’ll also support biometrics capability enhancements and strategy design, and build and develop logic for strategy. To apply, you’ll need two or more years’ of experience in SAS or SQL querying, and the same level or experience in data analysis. Find out all the details now

Citi Global Wealth, Transformation Program Management Lead – C14, Citi, Tampa 
The Transformation Program Management Lead is responsible for the program and project management of strategies, initiatives, and action plans. You’ll work with a team of leaders to ensure the delivery of sustainable global solutions on-time, and within budget. To be eligible, you’ll need a good understanding of the global wealth business industry, and a thorough understanding of industry program and project management standards and best practices. You will require 10-plus years’ broad experience in program management/project management transformation roles. Discover all the responsibilities for this role here

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